Monthly Archives: October 2012

Nike+ and treadmill [solved]

I started plugging my iPod Nano into the treadmill at the gym, but when I uploaded my workouts to the Nike+ site there were gaps in my activities. I tried to sync my workouts again, but the treadmill runs simply weren’t showing up. After some trial and error I figured out the problem.

When you open iTunes and go to the Nike + iPod tab you will probably see your shoe sensor listed as displayed below.


If you click the sensor drop-down menu there should be a new profile that the treadmill created to record your workouts. Mine was named “Gym User 1”. Just pick it from the list, check “Automatically send workout data to” and then click “Visit”. You must visit the Nike+ website to sync things up. One you do this your treadmill workouts will show up in your activities.