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3M Paint Protection Film (PPF) and Classic Plasti Dip Don’t Mix

I had 3M Paint Protection Film installed on my Toyota Tundra a few months after I purchased the truck. A few months later I accidentally put a scratch in the rear quarter panel and decided to have Plasti Dip applied to the entire truck.

Some Google searches indicated that Plasti Dip could be safely sprayed over 3M film. I found this to be true, generally speaking, but it is not entirely correct.

I had the entry-level Classic Plasti Dip product applied by a professional installer in Orlando, FL. Within weeks I noticed a problem on the truck’s hood. The Plasti Dip along the film’s edge began to pull away and curl. The same occurred along the top of the windshield. Based on the problem areas, I suspect they were affected by wind resistance.

The next step is to peel and respray the hood with Performance Series, Autoflex, or another brand such as Raail.


Covercraft versus Covering

I recently purchased two car covers; one for my Toyota Tundra and one for my wife’s Honda Civic.

I chose Coverking for the Civic because they listed the specific model that we own where Covercraft did not.

In addition to the car cover, I also ordered a cable with lock and a storage bag for each vehicle. Covercraft also offered gust clips, which I highly recommend.

The Covercraft order arrived in a handful of days whereas the Coverking order took a few weeks. Advantage Covercraft.

Although it takes some patience and room to work, I am able to fold my Tundra’s cover and return it to its storage bag. Conversely, although I can stuff the Civic cover into its storage bag the zipper will not close. I would have fared better purchasing a generic bag at a local store. Advantage Covercraft.

Lastly, the credit card charge from Coverking showed up as “Overdraft fee/Bank fee”. This caused Mint to freak out and send me alerts.

So, although the product quality is very similar, the winner is Covercraft.