Covercraft versus Covering

I recently purchased two car covers; one for my Toyota Tundra and one for my wife’s Honda Civic.

I chose Coverking for the Civic because they listed the specific model that we own where Covercraft did not.

In addition to the car cover, I also ordered a cable with lock and a storage bag for each vehicle. Covercraft also offered gust clips, which I highly recommend.

The Covercraft order arrived in a handful of days whereas the Coverking order took a few weeks. Advantage Covercraft.

Although it takes some patience and room to work, I am able to fold my Tundra’s cover and return it to its storage bag. Conversely, although I can stuff the Civic cover into its storage bag the zipper will not close. I would have fared better purchasing a generic bag at a local store. Advantage Covercraft.

Lastly, the credit card charge from Coverking showed up as “Overdraft fee/Bank fee”. This caused Mint to freak out and send me alerts.

So, although the product quality is very similar, the winner is Covercraft.


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